Steps I took in setting up the Chinese Cinderella wiki project:

1. Signed up for a wikispaces account
2. Set up accounts for student wiki groups
3. Set up the Chinese Cinderella task wiki (view using the link below). This wiki also served as a model for students in terms of layout and some of the technological features that were available in wikis:
4. Introduced students to wikis using the data projector or an interactive whiteboard - gave students a general overview and information to get them started
5. Each week, I introduced more wiki skills to students (using the data projector or an interactive whiteboard)
6. Each week, I set mini deadlines for students to ensure tasks were not going to be left until the last minute (this is important in order to make full use of the collaborative experience)
7. I also set expectations and deadlines for students regarding the need to use the discussion forum for each page to comment on each others' work, to discuss items as they arose and also to encourage each other

The following pdf file and link contain information regarding setting up accounts for yourself and your students. It also contains basic information on how to edit and save a page; how to add links; how to add images and files; how to add videos, calendars and other widgets; and how to create student accounts that do not require student email addresses.

Other useful links to help you in using a wiki: - this wikispaces site offers a range of 'tours' showing you how to create and access different technological features of wikis. It is also a useful link to provide to your students. - this site by wikispaces offers a range of 'help' topics for you and your students to access. - Provides help in using wikispaces new 'projects' facility.