Assessment of a wiki needs to take into consideration the following aspects:

Overall wiki

Assessment of the overall wiki structure, setup, presentation, text formatting and use of multimedia

Group tasks

Each group task needs to be assessed in accordance with the expectations set for the particular task

Individual tasks

Assigned individual tasks need to be assessed in accordance with expectations set for the task

Individual contribution to the wiki

Students need to be assessed on their collaborative efforts with other members of the group. Use ‘wiki statistics’ and ‘page history’ to determine individual students’ contributions

Individual contribution to wiki discussions

Students need to be assessed on their ability to discuss aspects of the wiki and text study tasks with other group members. Use the ‘discussion’ for each page to gauge the depth and breadth of such discussions, as well as frequency of input.

Wiki Assessment Template – this template can be used to facilitate assessment of student wikis and can be adapted to suit the needs of your particular wiki project: